Monday, October 20, 2014

Treat many diseases with Avocado

Avocado seed surrounded by a thick pulp and rind are also a bit thick, but varies according to the variety. The shape and size of an avocado varies but is generally shaped like a pear or round. Avocado color also depends on the variety, there are green-yellow, dark green, purple, brown to black. Type of the most popular avocado are two varieties of avocado butter and avocado green long and green circular.

Here's a description of traditional recipes avocado as a remedy, namely:

1. Sprue 
Materials needed: an avocado to taste and 2 tablespoons of pure honey

How to mix: ripe avocado mixed with pure honey, stir until evenly distributed.

How to use: avocados eaten regularly every day until healed

2. Urinary Stone 
Materials needed: 4 avocado leaves, 3 pieces of rhizome puzzles, 5 petiole cottonwoods, betel nut ½, 1 nutmeg, and 3 finger palm sugar.

How to mix: all the ingredients are boiled in 3 cups of water until the remaining 21/4 cups. Chill and filtered.

How to use: drink boiled water 3 times a day before each ¾ cup.

3. Diabetes 
Materials needed: avocado seed to taste.

How to mix: baked avocado seeds then cut into small pieces with a machete. The beans are boiled until the water becomes brown. The water is filtered and cooled.

How to use: after a cold boiled water is drunk.

4. Pain cavities 
Materials needed: 1 piece of avocado seed.
The avocado Persea americana fruit
How to mix: mashed avocado seed to powder form.

How to use: put the avocado seed powder in the cavities.

5. Moisturize dry skin 
Materials needed: avocado taste.

How to mix: the flesh of an avocado mashed up like mush.

How to use: the slurry used to mask, topically on the skin that is dry. Then washed with water after dried avocado mask layer.

6. High Blood 
Materials needed: 3 pieces of avocado leaves and a glass of hot water.

How to mix: avocado leaves washed clean and then brewed with hot water and then cooled.

How to use: after a cold and drunk at the same time. (**)


By: Sri Ayu Indayani, S. Farm

 Apt Apoteker Rumah Sakit Jiwa Daerah Prov. Kep. Babel

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