Sunday, December 14, 2014

Garlic for Sexual Tonic

Garlic for Sexual Tonic
With a height of 100 cm, garlic is a clump of plants and commonly used as a spice in cooking.
But do you know that garlic can also be useful as a Sexual Tonic for men?
Garlic has the chemical content and biological activity useful in the treatment because of the content of organosulfur compounds, such as compound S-ak (en) -iL-L-consistent sulfoxide (ACSOs), ie compounds which allegedly are most numerous in garlic.

Then, how mixes?
You only need to prepare some of the ingredients for a recipe sexual tonic for men:
1. prepare 2 cloves garlic
2. prepare 1 whole range chicken eggs.
3. Honey 1 tablespoon

How to Make it:
- Peel the garlic and then wash thoroughly,
- After the mashed garlic until smooth,
- Take the chicken egg yolk, input into the glass
- Add honey and garlic paste,
- Stir all ingredients until mixed evenly.
Use regularly sexual tonic for this man until you really feel the benefits.

Thus information about sexual tonic herb for this man. I hope this brief information useful and can help colleagues all in love. Please if you want to try it.

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