Friday, January 16, 2015

How to raise breast with betel leaf

How to raise breast with betel leaf - Betel leaves are vines that have many advantages. Herbal medicine from a variety of plants turned out to have many benefits. One of them betel leaves can be used to enlarge the breast.
 betel leaf
 betel leaf

Plants that are familiar with the betel plant has leaves that are very useful and often carried out by the basic ingredients of traditional herbs.

From this site, Friday (12/26/2014), betel leaves contain carbohydrates and proteins.

Betel leaves contain astiri oil, starch, tannin and Zak kavikol that the ability to kill germs has and plays a role as an antioxidant.

Many substances that exist in the leaf is very beneficial for your body. Betel leaves also have a property to remove the smell of your body.

The plates can also be used as a traditional material for the growth of the breast.

The trick to catch a few sheets of clear and complete green betel. Give the taste of coconut oil in betel leaves. Then, the heat is by means of a candle flame. Then apply breasts. Let stand until dry. Enter two or three times a week.

hopefully how to raise breast with betel leaf useful for you

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