Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Morinda citrifoliaBenefits: Smooth Process Metabolism, Soothing And Stabilizes Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar And Menstrual Cycle, Strengthening the Digestive, Respiratory System, Power Concentration, Sexuality, Anti Inflammatory, Anti-Pain, Anti Cancer, Cholesterol, Lever, Depression, slimming And Smooth Skin, veins acid, urine Smooth, Cough, tumors, Impaired Healing process Helps Heart, spleen, Lung, Colon, Sugar.

Centella asiatica
Benefits: Improve Memory, Mental And Stamina, Strengthen And Enhance Durability And Stimulate The Brain and Nerves, Blood On Streamlining Transport Tubes-Tubes Brain, Asthma, Fever, High Blood, Urine Cloudy, swelling, hemorrhoids, worms, thypus, Ayan , leprosy, Increase Your Appetite, Busung, Urinary Pain, Abdominal Pain, headaches, Sore Throat, Jengkol poisoning, tuberculosis, liver, liver swelling, coughing and vomiting blood, nosebleeds, cough asthma, dry cough. Improve Blood Circulation In Legs And Arms, And One Prevent Varicose Vein, Balancing energy levels Reduce Symptoms And Stress And Depression, Healing the Infectious Hepatitis, Measles (measles), Sore Tonsils (Tonsillitis), Bronchitis, Infectious And Stones Urethral System, Refreshing Skin , Inflammation of the tonsil, Strengthen Kidney Function, urine Smooth, Reduce Heat, Calms, Rejuvenation Helps Cells.

Indications: Cancer, Tumor, Lever, Leukaemia, Maag, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Blood Cleaning, Deadly Germs And Parasites, Malaria And Prevent Diabetes, Dysentri.

Benefits: Lowers Blood Pressure, Tumor, Lever, Uric Acid, Eliminates Fatigue, Diabetes, Whitish, Helps Organ Function Liver And Spleen, Blood Cleaning And Eliminates blockage, blood circulation and Energy, Anti-Inflammation, Stomach Bloating, Cholesterol, Eliminate Pain And tense On Stomach, Menstrual Pain, No Haid, Helping process Equipment Cancer Treatment In Reproduction, Digestive and Skin, Increase Stamina, Inhibits Cancer Cells And Prevent Damages Genes.

chicken scratch
Benefits: Smooth Circulatory, Anti Cancer, Anti-Toxins, Anti-Swelling, stomach Busung, Stopping Bleeding, cough, lung inflammation and tonsillitis, respiratory infections and urinary tract, Broken Bones, Hepatitis, Uterus Cancer, Lung Cancer, nasopharynx cancer, Bronchitis, Shrinking Hat.

Wild Ginger
Indications: Hepatitis, ulcer, asthma, constipation, Eliminate Body Odor, Increase Your Appetite, Liver Organ Strengthen And Protect, Strengthen Endurance Body And Increase Stamina, Strengthens Digestion, Increase Blood Red, Clean the Blood, Blood Cholesterol And Fat.

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