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Planting of medicinal plants in the yard of our house - Caring for medicinal plants is very profitable. In addition to beautify your home, herbs can also be used to make a concoction of traditional medicine. You can fill in the backyard or front yard of your house with Medicinal Plants are very many kinds and benefits, ranging from vegetables to herbs or seasoning ingredients that we can get easily. ranging from mild grade disease capable of treating disease to disease and even heavyweight.

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Some species of medicinal plants that you can plant in the yard :

     1. Pare - Drug Uric Acid

Conformance level pare plants grow tall enough pare the plants can grow anywhere, including in the yard. How to planting is quite easy and can be done in two ways. The first way of seeds / seed planted directly and the second way to first place seed sown separately until the seeds grow some leaves, a new move in the field or in pots. Enough with the planting medium manure mixed with topsoil, then you are ready to plant pare.

                How to pare the treatment of gout using:

1 raw bitter melon fruit seeded and then wash and potng-boiled with 2 cups cut up to 1 cup of water and drink daily 1 times
pare medicinal plants
pare plant illustration

     2. Turmeric

Turmeric plant is trunked plant seasonal soft and old, because not every month there. Turmericis a plant that is multifunctional, can be used as a spice, traditional medicines, cosmetics raw materials, and industrial and turmeric plants can be cultivated both as garden plants.

                how to plant:

 ·       Before the seeds are planted, stored in advance since approximately 2-3 months.
·       Prepare soil for planting should digemburkan ± 20-25 cm deep and made beds, plant spacing 40x40 cm to 50x50 cm seedlings are planted to a depth of 7.5 to 10 cm deep. Previously had made a hole and filled with manure from 0.25 to 0.50 kg / hole.
·      Watering not until submerged.
 ·       Fertilization is done twice, at planting 4 grams / hole and the age of 4 months of 3.5 grams hole, replanting is necessary so that the dead seedlings can be replaced.
 ·      Turmeric ready harvested at ± 10 months. Harvesting can be up to 18-24 months after          planting. Turmeric can be harvested in part when it becomes old for everyday purposes.

Well, it's easy is not it? It seems that you can make a small garden at home to plant crops this helpful.
How to consume turmeric for drugs: Turmeric are washed (20g), grated, coupled with 100ml boiled water, squeezed with filter cloth. Water is taken 2 times a day.
Turmeric medicinal plants
Turmeric plant illustrations

     3. Ginger

Benefits of Ginger:
·         Increase appetite
·         Eliminating black spots on the face
·         Facilitate breastfeeding in women who are breastfeeding
·         Treating liver disease or liver disease
·         Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood
·         A healthy heart

            How to Grow Wild Ginger:

Prepare a mixture of fertile land between manure and topsoil, wear old ginger seeds then planted into pots, do the watering regularly.

                Curcuma way as drug consumption:
·         Prepare as much as 25 grams of herbal ginger, tamarind fruit as much as 10 grams, and sugar as needed.
·         Wash with water and ginger herbal discard the skin.
·         Geprek / herbal crushed ginger until broken / bruised.
·         Prepare a pot that you have given as much as 600 ml of water, and add the other ingredients.
·         Cooking / 300ml boiled until the water remaining.
·         Lift cool, then strain just take the water, drink boiled water it regularly every day.
Ginger medicinal plants
Ginger  plant illustration

    4. Aloe Vera

                Benefits of Aloe Vera:

·         Smoothes and moisturizes the skin
·         Removal Acne
·         Overcoming dermatitis
·         Fertilising hair and dandruff remover
·         Maintain moisture naturally Hair

            How to grow aloe vera

·      Prepare special pots filled with soil. The best medium for growing aloe vera is a dry sandy soil       that
    you can also mix with perlite, granite, grit, and charcoal. Do not forget to pierce the bottom of the pot so
    that water can flow.

·      Then enter the aloe vera plant going into the soil in the pot.

·      If you use a piece of aloe vera, then you just simply bury half. But you have a little patience because new  
    plants can grow into a new plant after a few weeks or even months. However, if you use a seed, then in
    less than two weeks has been able to grow into a new plant.

·      For treatment, you can water the plants every day after growing. But do not give too much water as it can  
make the roots to rot. It does not even matter if you forgot to water the plants aloe vera for a week.

·      To accelerate the growth of the aloe vera plant, you can use the fertilizer.
aloe vera medicinal plants
Aloe vera plant illustration

Good luck Growing medicinal plants in your yard ...

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