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How to prevent high blood pressure

Suffering from high blood pressure is a frequent occurrence, it does happen from time to time for all of us, even in times of particular stress, or perhaps as a result of treatment, as well as some medications can affect the pressure in our blood stream. However, since this is a condition that in the long run can damage the heart and give rise to various heart conditions, including heart attack, would be better able to keep it under control, perhaps with natural methods. Contrary to what we tend to think, not just older people to suffer from high blood pressure, but even young people, who often do not realize it because they do not recognize the symptoms and do not control.

We begin, therefore, seeing their signals which can make us suspect that our blood pressure have breached and how to measure.

Symptoms and reference values ​​of high blood pressure

Very often we do not realize for years to suffer from high blood pressure, until a simple control, often random, does not reveal the problem. Among the symptoms that can make us suspect latent hypertension, there are frequent headaches, sometimes associated with dizziness and bleeding from the nose, but more often there are no obvious signs, especially blood pressure are not far above the norm. In this regard, let's see, these values. These parameters reference standard, valid in the whole world and for all age groups, then of course will be the physician to define the extent of the disorder in relation to the specific characteristics of each.

Normal: less than 120 and less than the maximum of the 80 minimum
Pre-hypertension: between 120 and 139 the maximum or the minimum between 80 and 89
Hypertension grade I: between 140 and 159 the maximum or minimum between 90 and 99
Hypertension Grade II: more than 160 or more than the maximum 100 minimum
In the table, means for maximum systolic and minimum diastolic blood pressure. To lower the pressure when it is too high, before turning to drugs (the famous "pad" for the press), we groped with natural remedies, first of all a proper diet, such as the DASH.

Treating high blood pressure with the DASH diet

DASH diet
The DASH diet (which stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) has been developed specifically just for those who suffer from high blood pressure, and it is not at all difficult to follow. In practice, is based on some simple cardinal points, of which the principal is the reduction in the daily intake of sodium, so as to fall between the 2400 mg of salt per day (more or less the amount that it assumes a healthy individual adult) to 1500 mg (recommended). To do this, you should avoid canned foods, smoked or prepared, do not use the salt for cooking pasta or rice, or add vegetables, meat or fish. Preference, however, herbs and choose bread, pasta and rice that are tastier of course. Eat less, split the extra calories meals, do not skip breakfast, and choose light dairy products, especially yogurt. One or two cups of coffee a day, however, you can afford. Always add the fruit to meals, especially bananas, rich in potassium, but every day you have to consume even nuts such as walnuts or almonds, but do not overdo it. Also, try to eat little red meat and prefer the white one, and above the fish. Eliminate sweets and sugary drinks (just a tear every now and then), and you will see that the pressure will drop quickly.

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