Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cope with a Herbal Cigarette addiction

Here are seven herbs help to treat the symptoms of nicotine dependence:

1. lobelia
This system works on the brain chemical systems. Plant extract, lobeline, as nicotine in the brain function that can be used to determine the effects of nicotine replacement can be evaluated. She also has a calming effect on body and mind.

2. ginseng
Helps to reduce stress.

3. St John Wort
Impact on the mental attitude to ward off depression, while maintaining a positive mental state.

4. peppermint

Rain on the digestion, nausea and headaches associated with the digestive system. These plants also show anxiety and tension, which is a common symptom of addiction to nicotine.

5. oatstraw
Relieves anxiety, stress and physical and mental fatigue. Contain his nicotine addiction, depression and pain.

6. cap
Used as a sedative for anxiety, insomnia and pain. These plants endorphins to calm the nervous system of a person.

7. valerian
Is a muscle relaxant and sedative. Also helps the body to stress, anxiety, tension and insomnia.

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