Friday, January 14, 2011

Lupin seeds are used for low-fat alternative to meat protein to create

There are definitely two schools, if the man thought of meat in their diet, but many non-vegetarians say that, the production and consumption of animal protein to be sure, at least to be revised downward, and environmental and health reasons. It is estimated that 40 square feet (48 square feet) land to produce one kilogram (2.2 kg) of meat, while taking 120 kg (265 pounds) of carrots or 80 kg (176 pounds) of apples was in the same room be raised. Obesity and cardiovascular diseases, meanwhile, with a high fat diet will - diets that are often things like sausages and burgers. What, in this sense, the researchers have developed from the German Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging food ingredients produced from proteins of lupine seeds, the reportedly very convincing in milk fat and the animals derived.

Fraunhofer Dr.-Ing. Peter Eisner made his "milk replacer" as the base of the food such as ice cream or cheese may be used. And "apparently lactose and cholesterol free, has a neutral taste and is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids.

His colleague Daniel Sussman uses a special method to produce a vegetable protein isolate as fat-how to produce, with lupine seeds as a starting point. The substance is a thick, creamy texture, and was used to attract a low fat sausage juicer, consistency.

"The microscopic structure of the product is similar to the particles of fat in sausage," he said. "You can low-fat sausage that as good as the original production of taste."

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