Friday, January 14, 2011

Traditional health care may not be news, but alternative medicine has become common

The World Health Organization has even reached the point of issuing a warning against the use of homeopathy as alternative medicine is actually grown, "and" Find a wider acceptance by doctors, insurers and hospitals. "

There are also reports that people are actually spending on alternative medicine in a way that a parallel between spending on traditional health care can do. "Cases such as hot flashes, insomnia and even cancer and heart disease are now sought to be treated by alternative therapies and herbal remedies.

People were attracted to this point because she was suspected of "Pharmaceutical companies and the government." What they want and need are natural and safest action. "The actions of the government and powerful interest groups, consumers vulnerable to faulty products and misleading marketing. Food supplements should not be proven safe and effective before being sold. Some contain natural things you do not want, such as lead and arsenic. Some interfere other things that you take, such as the contraceptive pill. Even those therapies that can help certain conditions, such as acupuncture, are promoted for uses outside their testimony. "

It seems that the war will be over in terms of perception. While some traditional medicine and drugs were withdrawn because of serious side effects, some herbal supplements, on the other hand, "directly threaten the health, not providing what their labels contain potentially harmful substances like lead, or are laced Cached versions of prescription drugs.

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