Friday, November 28, 2014


Distended abdomen very disturbing appearance of a person, even not good for our health.Some people feel less confident with performances like that. to overcome there are some tips that should be done in a distended stomach shrink.In this post to be discussed is to shrink the stomach naturally.

a few tips that should be done in the stomach shrink naturally:

- Eating food slowly, chew until smooth.

- Reduce fatty foods

- Expand and fibrous foods and fruits. High fiber foods serve to aid digestion.

- No excessive consumption of foods containing carbohydrates

- Reduce intake of salt in food

- Avoid soft drinks, fruit juice drink. Fruit juice serves as a detoxification in addition to reducing hunger

- Drink 8 glasses of water a day for maximum metabolism

- Get plenty of rest, do not stay up too late. And do not get used to dinner on 20:00, and don't sleep after eating due to the absorption of food to be imperfect.

- Regular exercise, enough with the small sports such as jogging and sit-ups. Perform routine.

- Consumption of green tea. Green tea is believed to reduce the absorption of fat and glucose to the circulation
shrink the stomach

Some sports that needs to be done to shrink the stomach naturally
1. Walk or run
2. Sit ups
3. Back Up
4. Vertical Leg Crunch
5. Cycling
6. Bycicle Exercise
7. Ball Crunch
8. Elliptical Trainner
9. Attitude Candle
Sit ups

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