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Traditional Medicine of High Blood

Causes of High Blood Disease

The following is a factor that can increase a person's risk of high blood pressure include the following :
  •     stress
  •     heredity
  •     Sedentary lifestyle
  •     stress Gender
  •     age
  •     Irregular eating patterns
  •     The habit of drinking alcohol
  •     Excess weight
  •     Other disease conditions

If left unchecked high blood pressure can cause a wide range of dangerous diseases such as heart attack and stroke . high blood pressure that does not go away for a long time could catergories into a dangerous disease .

There are a variety of treatments that is believed to lower high blood pressure such as the consumption of fruit and herbal medicine consumption without any mixture of chemicals . Fruits contain many nutrients that can maintain the elasticity and resistance of human blood vessels . To find out what fruit is good for people with hypertension , see the following reviews :

1.Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is originally from Mexico is now very popular as one of the traditional medicine of high blood , including in Indonesia . One proof is the study by the University of Padjadjaran which states that the dragon
fruit has efficacy helps in the healing process high blood pressure .

Dragon fruit contains a lot of vitamin C , an antioxidant flavonoids and magnesium relaxes arteries that have properties to become more relaxed and make the blood pressure decreases . People with high blood pressure are often advised to go on a diet high in vitamins , antioxidants and magnesium for the same reasons . Because one diet for hypertension are fresh fruits , dragon fruit can be a good alternative to cure hypertension .

2. Watermelon fruit

watermelon is a fruit that is very refreshing because it contains water . The fruit is also rich in nutrients , such as fiber , lycopene , vitamin A and potassium . Research from Florida State University showed that the amino acids found in watermelon , called L - citrulline or L - arganine , can lower blood pressure . Researchers recruited nine people with pre - hypertension and ask them to consume 6 grams of the amino acid L - citrulline or L - arganine per day for six weeks . Researchers found that the participants' blood pressure decreased and returned to function well .

3. Bananas

bananas contain potassium which is very high . Potassium can stabilize blood pressure . Just one banana a day to prevent high blood pressure . Easy , is not it? The banana is very easy to find all around us .

4. Avocado fruit

Oleic acid in avocados can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels . They also contain potassium and folate , both of which are essential for heart health .

To obtain optimum results should keep fruits below 50 ° C and wait for 30 minutes . just a reminder , the value of a person's normal blood pressure with height , weight , activity level and general health normal is 120/80 mmHg. In daily activities , normal blood pressure is stable with a numeric value range . But in general , the numbers decreased blood pressure during sleep and increased time when activity or exercise .

Overcoming high blood pressure naturally is indeed a way of looking for the most in the search by people in very modern times , because in a natural way is very effective in the treatment and safe without any side effects . Therefore , we here would recommend traditional medicine Ace Maxs high blood as a way to treat high blood elixir which have properties capable of overcoming high blood pressure naturally effective until thoroughly and safely without any side effects .

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