Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Turmeric Replace Function Chemotherapy

One of the herbs that we use as a mix for a variety of dishes, turmeric, is known to have efficacy as a cure various diseases such as diabetes mellitus, typhoid, appendicitis, dysentery, and whitish. Of the many properties for health, British researchers have found that turmeric can help manghancurkan cancer cells resistant to chemotherapy.

During this time, researchers from the University of Leicester often used curcumin, turmeric root extract, to overcome the resistant cells to chemotherapy by putting kolektoral tumor tissue.

"While the cancer treatment, many cancer cells are sometimes able to survive despite having chemo. That makes the cancer ca
n recur," said Dr. Karen Brown, as quoted by Tha Daily Mail. "These cells appear to have different properties to other cells so that they were able to survive," he added.

In previous research, it is known also that curcumin not only able to increase efetivitas chemotherapy, but also reduce the number of resistant cancer sekl that trigger cancer to grow back.

Dr. Brown also hoped the results of test try pemahanan will provide insights regarding the efficacy of turmeric in overcoming resistance of cancer cells to chemotherapy. "Also, it can help the medical experts in identifying disease using turmeric extract in the future," he said. (Pri/OL-06)

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